Tonic & Cloth

'Monday Clothes that Feel Like Sunday'


The Idea

Welcome to Tonic & Cloth, I'm glad you found us. If you're like me you've been searching for stylish comfy goodness for some time. Like many kiwi entrepreneurial stories mine is a 'lemons to lemonade' one. It started with pain and distension - frustrated that despite my best efforts I couldn't consistently find clothes that made me feel beautiful and confident, without increasing my pain levels.

I'm a Mum, and like all Mums working outside of the home or not, I have many roles and responsibilities. People expect me, and I expect of myself, to turn up! And if possible, whether I feel up to it or not - to look as if I feel amazing.

My hope is that with Tonic & Cloth, whatever you face today, and whatever responsibilities are before you - you too will be able to look as though you feel amazing!







Style & Quality

Tonic & Cloth is an easy-to-wear style brand. We re-interpret current trends into beautiful comfortable clothes that are built on clever design, stretch fabric, elastic and drape. So that no-matter what a woman faces in a day her clothes work with her, not against her. This is clothing designed for life.

We have a love of natural fibres, so wherever possible these are at the forefront. Wool, silk, linen, organic cotton - breathable and beautiful.

Our aim is to use the most sustainable option, that does the least harm. Therefore for Spring/Summer 18 we've sourced organic cottons and a few other goodies that are sure to float your boat. For our Northern Hemisphere customers - Winter 18 samples are in production, so stay tuned!




Our Hot Water Bottle Covers and Blankets are being lovingly created by artisans in and around Wellington. From original illustrations by local artists Courtney Williams and Emily Rostran to sustainable screen printing from Artisan Design Prints.

Over the coming months Tonic & Cloth is teaming up with another group of locals across the globe in the small village of Bhalupali, India. It is here that kiwi girl Ana from Holi Boli facilitates an inspiring project/teaching facility/workroom. They fight poverty armed with a few industrial sewing machines and a good dose of boldness.

My dream is to see women helping women across the continents – the flow on effects will be life changing. 

Graphic Design is continuously perfected by the adept (and ever patient) Kara McDougall - yet another talented local pouring skills and knowledge into Tonic & Cloth to make it a success - so that you can have Tailored Comfort and Style Without Compromise.