Sustainable, Ethical, Empowering - and super good looking.....

Tonic & Cloth is a start up clothing brand with a heart for empowering women - and that heart informs every decision we make. I want women to feel beautiful and strong in the clothes they wear, no-matter what they face each day. And I want those that make the clothes to be empowered and honored through the process. So, Tonic & Cloth makes Monday Clothes that Feel Like Sunday - and we do it  in a way that changes the lives of our sisters on the other side of the world.

As well as manufacturing in New Zealand Tonic & Cloth has partnered with an inspiring production house, Holi Boli  (in rural India) founded and led by pioneering kiwi girl Ana. Armed with a few industrial sewing machines and some serious skills Holi Boli bravely fights poverty and brings ongoing opportunity for female identity and empowerment within an often aggressively paternal society. The ladies find at Holi Boli a safe, family environment where they are 'seen' and valued every day, paid properly for what they do, and given opportunities for further upskilling and promotion. 

Together we have created clothes that are gentle on the body, trousers are cut slightly larger at the waist and brought in with hidden elastic, the summer collection jumpsuit is given shape with an elasticated belt. Shirts are sassy and edgy while letting the tummy ‘be’, while dresses bring the ‘wow’ in a ‘wear all day kinda way’. Beautiful natural fibers have been chosen to bring the collection to life, from silk and linen, to GOTS certified organic cotton sourced from India.

I'm also Incredibly excited to be partnering with 'The Loyal Workshop', their satchels, bags, belts and wallets are incredibly durable and beyond stunning, but that's only half the story. They provide opportunities for women in Kolkata to find freedom from the sex trade. They journey with them, teaching skills that provide a new identity, employment and a sense of community. And if that doesn't float your boat enough, The Loyal Workshop uses eco-tanned leather! The heart of this company mirrors that of Tonic & Cloth, they honor planet and people, and I just couldn't imagine a better pairing!

Our Eco Blankets and Hot Water Bottle Covers are made from Organic Cotton and Bamboo fleece and are eco screen printed with original images that evoke a sense of wellness (from kiwi artists Courtney Murphy and Emily Rostran). AND the packaging is compostable (yup just chuck it in the compost with the vege peelings!)