How much is shipping within New Zealand?

Shipping is free on retail orders within New Zealand. You'll find details on shipping rates outside of NZ here http://www.tonicandcloth.co.nz/shipping-returns/. 

What does PRE ORDER mean?

'Pre-Order' means that the item is not yet available though that it can be ordered in advance. Not all items are available for Pre-Order.

  • 100% of the order value will be charged upon order placement;

  • The Pre-Ordered item's ETA is listed on the item's page;

  • Very occasionally the ETA can change due to production schedules, but you will be sent an email in advance in the unlikely event this happens.

Where are the shorts and sleeveless tee's shown at NZ Fashion Week?

In production with expected delivery early October - in plenty of time for the summer heat!

What are the hottie covers and blankets made from?

30% Organic Cotton and 70% Bamboo 400 gsm fleece. With artwork screen printed from sustainable dyes. The packaging is fully compostable, yip that means you can bung it in the compost with your carrot and potato peelings, and then grow next seasons veges from it. Nice.