Love Your Sisters

Jodie Woods

  Jan 4th “When women support each other, incredible things happen”. Its starts close to home, and then it stretches out across the world. Thankful for the incredible women around me, inspiring me, cheerleading me, challenging me. #loveyoursisters.

Fashion Changes Lives

Jodie Woods

Jan 2nd We partner with an incredible little sewing house in rural India. This is the moment, in the hubbub of Fashion Week prep that two new women joined the sewing team. When they arrive at the sewing house each morning Ana says ‘they are seen, they are valued, when they join the team they come into a family environment’ – they are given opportunities to be upskilled and promoted, they are paid well. Their lives are changing – and that flows on into the community. Fashion Changed Lives in 2018 – and we can’t wait to see more of...

2018 Top Two moments

Jodie Woods

    DEC 31st That’s me, excited exhausted nervous delighted terrified proud chipmunk. Second best moment of the year.    Swipe to see the best moment. Post Show Dad Hug.    This hug trumped every Dad hugs from years past.    The ‘you’re sick now, in pain now, 10 kilos underweight now, in hospital, to sick bed, post surgery, vomiting your meds, dark circle eyed, grey skinned now, press the morpheine button again now’ hugs-      The Its Going To Get Better hugs.   Well, It got better.  And there’s that hug right there. Thanks Dad.


Jodie Woods

DEC 29th This is such a kiwi scene isn’t it? Our beautiful model mucking in on our first summer photo shoot back in February - preparing the floors of a borrowed local space. That’s what we do here, we muck in, we use what we have, we make a way through. That was the theme for us here at Tonic & Cloth for 2018 (and for always I imagine). I’m so grateful for that No. 8 Wire attitude we are raised with down under…. … Everything you need is already in your hands.    


Jodie Woods

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  DEC 27th Love hanging out with @leilanihayesphotography any day of the week. She is Wisdom. And she has a talent for beautifully editing the detail from the chaos of the world around her.    We were scoping out spots for Tonic & Cloth’s first summer photo shoot around Palmy CBD - Leilani captured this pic and when she shared it with me I thought, yup - how fitting. Me at a crossroads not knowing which way to go.   I’ve battled with the fear of failure so much this year. And the fear of the new. I’ve been uncomfortable...