DEC 25th





That’s Ana. And me. Production meeting. Back in February. Drinking tea on her mums living room floor, Hawkes Bay. We were working on winter patterns, before summer even launched. That’s a whole lotta faith mixed with a lil bit of crazy. 


Planting sowing watering waiting, watching intently for signs of growth and change. 


That’s been the theme this year. Plant the seed. Plant the seed. Watch it grow.


Ana talks about this when we ‘work’ together (aka grow a relationship that fuels and nurtures our businesses) - 


I’m astounded when Ana shares she once wished for different seeds. Ones that would help through healing, ones that said ‘Doctor’ or ‘Nurse’ on the packet. But like all of us she had to use the seeds she had. And so she did. 


She taught hundreds of women to sew, created a sewing house, employed the most skilled of her graduates. 


Ana used her unique packet of seeds to create opportunities for perpetual positive change, in a community ready and waiting for them. 


We all have a packet of seeds. I have no idea yet what my seeds will grow. I just know that this year was the year I had to plant them.


How bout you? What’s in your hands? What will you plant in 2019?

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