LIGHT + vessel x Tonic & Cloth

NOV 8th

July 1st was my birthday and like any woman worth her salt I bought myself a gift. Then had my kiddos wrap it and present it to me in a flurry of birthday morning excitement. It was the ultimate ‘put a smile on my dial’ gift, a set a tiny ceramic coffee cups handcrafted by the incredible ladies of Light + Vessel. Two days later, on July 3rd I received an email from Carolyn Enting of Good Magazine asking Tonic & Cloth to show in the Good Sustainable Style Show at NZ Fashion Week. Carolyn talked about the importance of styling on the catwalk, and as I sat and mused over this – sipping my coffee from my sweet little coffee cups – the idea for the ceramic earrings and a collab with Sara and Suze from Light + Vessel was born. I love collabs, especially with creative locals. It says something of our community, and of the wider creative community that collabs happen which such ease and synergy. A shared loved for creating and for helping each other out brings forth bespoke beauty. I’m so grateful to Light + Vessel - what they brought to the catwalk was the thread that tied the collection together. And now they have delighted me (and I am sure you guys!) again – with a ready to wear collection of that catwalk bling. Go check them out, they’re selling fast!

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