The Cropped Linen Jacket


OCT 25th

The Cropped Linen Jacket was first a ‘One of A Kind Wednesday’ – remember those? We started there together You, me and this little jacket that could. We’ve journeyed together through this year haven’t we? From One of a Kind Wednesday Jacket to a debut collection at Fashion Week and now beyond. Like a proper big girl jacket in a proper big girl production run and a proper big girl business. Hanging each little ‘jacket that could’ on the racks this week reminds me as I face another mountain and point of change in my business, that big things start little – start the sketch, start the first off, make the phone call, put it out there, see what happens, do the hard thing, the shake in your boots thing – you never know what’s waiting for you on the other side of the ‘what if?’ 

Go go go girls. 

We. So. Got. This.


Thank you so so much for 'getting it', for following along, for telling your friends. Every comment keeps me going! - love being in this with all of you'

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