The Gatsby Pleated Pant

NOV 1st

Let me tell you a little story about a pair of trousers I coveted at 15. Keanu Reeves was wearing them in the most delicious black and white poster that adorned my wall. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Keanu – but it was those trousers that truly ‘had me at hello’. Tweed, pleats, waisted, structured, beautifully finished at the hems with deep cuffs, I was in love.
I needed them in my life and my grandmother, an impeccable seamstress, was happy to oblige. What she created was perfection. The pleats exacting, the cuffs crisp, the fabric fell neatly from the structured waistband – BUT that structure, that beautiful beautiful waistband structure showed no mercy. It cut me in two. I could barely breathe when they were on. Wearing and eating was a no go. My beauties – I couldn’t bear to wear them
We’ve all fallen in love with trousers like this – haven’t we. Taken in by their beauty then betrayed by their fit.
The Tonic & Cloth Gatsby’s began all those years ago with Keanu. But having learned a valuable lesson way back then in the need to marry comfort with design, the Gatsby’s will not let you down when you get them home. They’ll be no falling out of love with these pretties. Structure, pleats, cuffs – with unexpected and welcomed alchemy at the waist – beautiful, sweet, ‘on point’ structure – with zero discomfort. That coveted Keanu look, in a wear all day kind of way.
Now that’s what I call Monday Clothes that Feel Like Sunday.

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