The Road To Organic Denim


NOV 22nd 

Ok Confessions, this one barely scrapes by as a Throwback Thursday – technically we’re throwing forward as these beauties are yet to hit the racks. But for me they have been a long time in the making – their story began right back at the beginning of Tonic & Cloth

 The road to organic denim with comfy, ‘on point’ goodness was a wiggly one. Dotted with samples that were too heavy or lacking stretch, or with suppliers whose minimum order quantities had me shaking at the knees. But it was also a road that was stretching out toward sustainability.

Usually when we talk about sustainability, we focus on saving the planet and organics – which is great. But sometimes sustainability looks different. It looks like allowing a small business to grow at a sustainable rate, or a new employee to come up to speed in a way that honours them and their skills, it’s about allowing time and breathing space for all the important parts of a plan to come together and align. The right contacts, the right skills, the right quality fabric…..It’s only when all of these components are ready to rise that we can make something truly lasting, truly beautiful, truly sustainable.

So that’s what these flares are, that’s their foundation, their story. But they are also shazam and pazazz. Joy and light. Gold sparkles. Champagne. Your fave bag of crisps. They’re that perfect catch up date with friends, that lazy rainy Sunday afternoon with your latest kindle download. They are boom chiccy bow wow. 

Master pattern maker Ana made the pattern – and she truly is a master. So, when I say thigh skimming, kissing at the knees and then flaring out to 1974 – that’s what she brings. But with pockets, times 4. And yes, elastic through the back.  

I can’t wait for you to meet them – we’re aiming for early Feb, so put them on your  2019 wishlist.

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